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Baja Llama

Nazca Lines Button Up

Nazca Lines Button Up

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Description: Part of our Peruvian Treasures Collection, this beautiful deep chocolate and creamy gold print highlights the ancient and completely indescribable Nazca Lines of Peru. Understated and absolutely stunning artwork make this a piece you can wear in any situation. Also, as part of our 7-SEAS™ Button Up collection, this shirt has all the greatest attributes, incredibly soft, durable, and wrinkle-resistant fabric, Baja Llama's trademark side travel zip pocket, sustainable corozo nut buttons, and a bevy of details that make this shirt a classic you'll keep in your rotation for years!

Print: Situated on barron dust swept land in Southern Peru, you'll find a mystery that has been plaguing westerners for hundreds of years. This print was developed after hand tracing digital renderings of the infamous Nazca Lines which have been dated to be over 2000 years old. These short rock formations look inconspicuous from the ground, but from the air form massive line drawings of various plants, animals, and shapes which can be up to 1200 feet long! They're amazing in person and we think just as amazing on this beautiful print.

Regular - True To Size Fit / Not Too Boxy & Not Too Slim.

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